We at Heartland are specialist in locating for you the best properties for BESS and SOLAR across the USA


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First Step

We designed a proven, sophisticated, an applicable method to locate suitable Energy Storage sites for development.


Second Step

Contact us to set up a counseling session. We are eager to contribute our expertise in providing property-substation-bundles by applying our self-made locating method ESPS.


Third Step

Let us know about target property size and location. Further criteria as substation size, distance, accessibility, etc, will be considered.


Fourth Step

We provide you a selection of best suitable properties for your BESS or Solar projects according your criteria.

We Find Your Location

HCE have created ESPS Energy Storage Property Solution, a unique methodical and strategic approach to locating suitable properties for battery storage projects, and have already built a database of over 450 properties across the USA which can be leveraged to help your Energy Storage Company expand its reach, and increase its impact on the electric grid.

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Reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy storage solutions

HCE's experience, skills, enthusiasm, dedication, and knowledge align perfectly with energy companies' goals and would allow us to contribute to the development of innovative and impactful energy battery storage projects that can play an important role in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

Our Services

Property Locating

Locating ES/PV suitable properties near substations according client's criteria and categorized in quality classification.

Property Securing

Securing properties, cataloging of properties, and negotiations with landowner, energy provider and city officials.

Ground Working

Arrangement of land preparation for ES/PV, and utilizing proper PPE and Standard Safety procedures and proper permitting.

Team Of Awesome

Eddie Eddie

Founder & CEO

Royce Heslep


Andreas Ibach

International Bussiness
Development Director

Doanh Tran

Alternative Energy Advisor

Our Story

Heartland Clean Energy is a veteran owned Texas Corporation dedicated to bringing renewable energy sources to rural communities in Texas. The corporate mission is to help commercialize new technologies that embrace clean energy while strengthening underserved and disadvantaged communities.

The company vision is to help prevent another major Texas power grid failure like what occurred in February 2021. The immediate focus is to build battery energy storage systems (BESS) to help support grid reliability. A BESS will help rural communities (1) provide backup power during outages, (2) reduce the peak demand on the grid by discharging stored energy during peak hours (3) provide grid operators with tools to stabilize service and (4) support the development of clean energy sources like solar and wind.

New technologies provide new careers and economic growth utilizing future technologies. Our company vision is to help prevent another major Texas power grid failure like what occurred in February 2021. The immediate focus is to build Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) to help support grid reliability.

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